Ways to use your wellness deck

Daily Draw: At home, in the car, take it in your bag or even keep it in your desk at work so that you don't miss your daily draw. Or you can keep a deck by your bed so you can pull a card before you go to sleep or upon waking.

Meditation Mantras: Pick a card and use as part of your meditation practice, use it at a mantra. Say the key message that resonates for you out loud or just breathe it in and out.

Read thru the cards old school book style: Flip thru the cards book style just without pages being attached :)

Decorate & Display: Tack your favorite cards to the bathroom mirror or make a cool display in your office. Find creative spots to place them for daily reminders. On the the fridge, in the fridge. Display on mantles or tables on mini easel - wood holder or you can even string them up with some fairy lights on the wall.

Manifesting: choose a card that resonates with the energy or thing(s) you most want to manifest in your life. Focus on that energy in the present moment. What it would feel like, look like…bring that energy into the present moment, feel it already here and now.
Share the Love - Give your cards away! Your deck doesn't have to stay all in one piece if you have the urge to give some away. Perhaps there's a card in your deck that is perfect for a friend. Send her or him the image on social media a text or better yet pop the card in an envelope and send it to them snail mail (everyone loves getting fun mail)
Take Action! It may not be enough when you're working with this deck to just read the card, nod your head and say "yeah I so need that" and then put the card back in the deck and forget all about it. The magic, shift and changes comes from application. Following links, tapping into the resources, and most importantly your intuition when little sparks of insight come along of what things you want to do, change, create and following thru on those insights. Take action, especially when the idea brings joy, excitement or the even teeniest bit of curiosity and playfulness (those are the powerhouse breadcrumbs to follow to elevated health and happiness)

Create a community wellness circle or group of friends to meet up and support each other. Use the cards as topics, conversation starters or an outline.

Promotion. Business Cards: You can easily add your contact info labels to these cards and use them as glorified gorgeous business cards. Also make great client gifts for anyone in the health/wellness industry and arts.



  • What ways do you use your cards? Do you have any creative, fun out of the box ways you like to work with your cards? I'd love to hear about them!

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